Monday, April 14, 2008

I've set a personal deadline of May 1 to start on betaseron. I decided that I had better get into action and order the meds and set the date with the nurse to come and teach me how to give the shot. I was a little frustrated that the company didn't make more of an effort with me--they are going to get tons of money from me and I have little desire to start sticking myself with needles. I guess I kind of fell through the cracks since I didn't start immediately.

But now I'm hoping to get a call this week and hopefully get signed up for some program for helping to pay for this thing. I just got a little freaked out this morning after read a nytimes article
about insurance companies switching their tier 3 drugs (like beta seron) to tier 4 where instead of a standard copay you have to pay a percentage of the actual drug cost. Scary!!! I guess more and more insurance companies are turning to this kind of a plan for all these high-priced drugs. I don't know what we would do . . . no reason to stress yet . . .

They did send a training kit which arrived last week. The boys were excited about the package so I opened it and on top were the sharps disposal containers. Kind of freaked me out--so surreal that soon they'll be part of my life. Dennis took the boys outside to play so I could freak out in private. I organized the spices. Things seem better now. It just takes time.

This time from my diagnoses to starting on meds has been wonderful, just time to kind of adjust but with no real symptoms and no meds it's hard to remember that I even have ms. Making all the phone calls and getting the training package is starting to make it seem a little more real.

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